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'Happy Accidents'

This current work is a film investigating identity, particularly childhood and feminine stereotypes, through the medium of film, photography, and elements of social engagement and craft. Inspired by the kitsch aesthetic, and the contrasting reaction of uneasiness yet comfort it brings the artist, Meg blends the orderly aesthetic with personal anxieties.


Childhood is what the artist believes to shape and inspire you as an adult, which gives the artwork a melancholic feel when playing with themes of feelings from childhood. Meg Jones’ most recent film work displayed within the degree show, an extension of her photography series ‘Forced Fun’, experiments with the anxieties and displeasure of the forced atmosphere of birthday parties through sarcasm and humour. Contrasting the pretty pastel colours, there is a darker meaning underlining the film of the artist's anger towards feminine stereotypes, and the expected presentation of femininity.

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